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bridge creek reserve

welcome to our neighborhood

Bridge Creek Reserve is a family-friendly neighborhood nestled in the suburbs of Prattville, Alabama. We are comprised of 60+  single-level homes close to schools, churches, and the downtown area.

A Community of high esteem & Quality homes in a delightful environment

Our Neighborhood

Family-oriented, beautiful, and quiet.

Our Neighbors

Very diverse collection of homeowners

HOA Purpose

Keeping neighbors aware of info on our neighborhood

HOA Board

Neighbors selected to conduct the business of the HOA for our community

Our Blog

Latest News

2020 Yard Sale

2020 Yard Sale

Time to get ready for the 2020 Bridge Creek Reserve Yard Sale!
2019 Annual HOA Meeting

2019 Annual HOA Meeting

Our Annual Meeting is fast approaching. It will be held on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, at 6:00 pm and located at 1322 Carson Drive.…


Our neighborhood is now over a decade old and some of the original privacy fences that were installed 10 plus years ago have exceeded…