2019 Annual HOA Meeting

Our Annual Meeting is fast approaching. It will be held on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, at 6:00 pm and located at 1322 Carson Drive. We’d love full participation from ALL our homeowners. We will be nominating and voting on a new President and Vice President this year, so please consider volunteering to serve on our Board.

Also, we will vote on and announce the winner of our BEST FALL YARD and present the prize! Everyone will receive an invitation via email as well as 3 ballots to make our nomination for the best yard, so if you haven’t provided us with your correct email address, please do so ASAP. Our email address is bcrhoap@gmail.com. Bring your completed ballots to the meeting.


privacy fence

Our neighborhood is now over a decade old and some of the original privacy fences that were installed 10 plus years ago have exceeded their lifespan unfortunately and need replacement. Please consider making this improvement to your property.


a mailbox

You may get new mailbox numbers at Imperial Mailbox in Millbrook. They are $15 plus tax for the set and should last approximately 7 years. If you rent, please notify your property manager and relay this information. Also, if your post or mailbox needs a fresh coat of paint, you can purchase a quart of Rustoleum gloss black from Lowes for about $10.00. It looks great and makes them look brand new.

Lawn Maintenance

Poorly maintained yards have the potential to significantly detract from our neighborhood’s value. Please cut your grass regularly, trim bushes, edge curbs, fertilize and lay weed control. Per our covenants, Weeds must NOT exceed 20% of your lawn.

Trash and Yard Disposal

Per our covenants, your blue trash can must be kept in your garage or behind your privacy fence so that it’s “not in view from the street”! Also, Friday garbage is to be placed on your property, NOT the street, and ONLY put out the evening before pickup.

Holiday Decor

Fall decor photo

Our seasonal decorations at our entrance for Harvest/Fall/Thanksgiving and Christmas will be going up for the end of September. If you have creative talent and would like to help in setting up the decorations or have any decor you’d like to donate, please contact our president.