Date of Meeting:
October 7, 2020

Time of Meeting:
6:00 pm

Location of Meeting:
1322 Carson Drive

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  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Discussion
  • Finance


2020 Annual Homeowner's Association Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome
  • Finance Report
  • Old Business
    • River Rock Project
  • New Business
  • Discussion
    • Community Events for 2021
    • Landscaping Decorating Committee
    • Declaration of Protective Covenants for Bridge Creek Reserve - 2020 Complaints
  • Open position nominations - Secretary



Briefed homeowners who were in attendance that the new bid request for River Rock at the main and back entrances to Bridge Creek Reserve is in draft for submittal to prospective vendors via mail and e-mail.  The current contract will include a quote for River Rock vs. Pine Straw for vendors as an addendum to the landscaping contract if the cost is achievable.  River rock would be a one-time installation versus the recurring costs for 48 bales of pine straw twice a year. 


BCRHOA President received acceptance from those in attendance.

Community Events

Arrangements for a Biscuits Baseball Night were in the works prior to the Pandemic.  HOA Committee offered the possibility to revisit scheduling a Night Out at the ballpark.  Those in attendance concurred for some time in 2021.

Landscaping Decorating Committee

Polled those in attendance of the idea of having a Landscape Decorating Committee would have any interest.  Asked if there were any homeowners who would like to lead the committee, Patrick Browning stated he would sit on the committee but did not want to run it.  The BCRHOA Committee will propose the idea in the next News Letter.

Yard Sale

Proposed looking at a fall date to hold a neighborhood yard sale.  Because of the Pandemic, the yard sale scheduled for April 4, 2020, between 6 – 12 am had to be canceled.  Look for new dates and times via the News Letter, BCRHOA Web Page, and on the FaceBook page.

Vehicle Parking (4-I-1)

In accordance with the bylaws (4-I-1), parking on the street shall be limited to temporary parking (48 hours) when all parking spaces (garage/driveway) have been utilized. 

Homeowners in attendance had questions concerning the temporary period of 48 hours.  Does it mean you can park in the street at night, move the vehicle in the morning, and park in the street again that night? 

The BCRHOA Board identified that the verbiage for Vehicle Parking can be changed to had clarity on temporary versus concurrent or reoccurring parking.  Per the bylaws (7C) a vote will be required with 75% homeowner approval for any changes made.  

Signs (2-E-7)

In accordance with bi-laws (2-E-7) No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any parcel except four (4) professional signs of not more than four square feet to advertise the property for sale or rent, or a service rendered, or a builder to advertise the property during construction or sales period. 

The major complaint with regard to signs is for Political Endorsements, i.e. Congressional, Senate, Sherriff, Presidential, etc… bylaws do not specifically identify Political signs however they are not one of the four identified within 2-E-7.  Homeowners had concerns about garden flags being used as a loophole for political endorsement.

Homeowners requested a verbiage change to the rules to remove any perceived loopholes and add clarity for all signs and all flags allowed. 

Garbage Bins (4-C)

Reminded homeowners that no trash or refuse shall be dumped, stored, or accumulated on any lot.  Garbage bins may be put out the evening before trash pickup and “will” be removed from the curbside the day of pickup.  Trashcans must be kept inside the garage or at the rear side of dwellings when possible IAW 4-c of the bylaws.

Weeds / Landscape Trimming / Landscape Clippings

Briefly reminded homeowners of the importance of following sections 4.B.2 (Weeds), 4.B.3 (Landscape Trimming), and 4.B.4 (Landscape Clipping/Waste). 

  • Lawn area or flower beds be no more than 20% weeds
  • Landscape Shrubbery and trees will be neatly trimmed such that it covers no more than 50% of windows or its equivalent height at any given time
  • Clippings & waste will be placed in bags where appropriate, at the curbside no earlier than the evening before the scheduled pickup day (Friday).
  • Dumping of clippings, leaves and other debris in any drainage ditch, sewer, or elsewhere is prohibited (see bi-laws for list of other debris)


BCRHOA Secretary

The position of Secretary is open effective December 31, 2020.  Requested volunteers from members in attendance and will advertise for the vacant position.  No volunteers from members in attendance.


As of October 7, 2020, the account balance for the HOA is $3081.22.

There are no new expenses outside of the re-occurring expenses of power and water/lawn maintenance for the main entrance and back entrance.

Meeting Recorded by:
Brian Molloy
Board Members:
Sonya Telfair, President
Shawn Jenkins, Vice-President
Tonya Smith, Treasurer
Brian Molloy, Secretary

Residents Who Attended

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    1321 Carson Drive
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    1322 Carson Drive
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    1324 Carson Drive
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    1341 Carson Drive
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    603 Coleman Way
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    616 Coleman Way
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    708 Coleman Way
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    104 Coleman Drive
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    108 Coleman Drive