2020 Annual HOA Meeting Minutes

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Bridge Creek Reserve Homeowner's Association Meeting

October 7, 2020


1322 Carson Drive


BCRHOA held a Neighborhood meeting to cover old business as well as new/on-going business.


Old Business


Briefed homeowners who were in attendance that new bid request for River Rock at the main and back entrances to Bridge Creek Reserve is in draft for submittal to prospective vendors via mail and e-mail.  The current contract will include a quote for River Rock vs. Pine Straw for vendors as an addendum to the landscaping contract if the cost is achievable.  River rock would be a one-time installation versus the recurring costs for 48 bales of pine straw twice a year. 


BCRHOA President received acceptance from those in attendance.


New Business



As of October 7, 2020, the account balance for the HOA is $3081.22.

There are no new expenses outside of the re-occurring expenses of power and water/lawn maintenance for the main entrance and back entrance.


Community Events

Arrangements for a Biscuits Baseball Night were in the works prior to the Pandemic.  HOA Committee offered the possibility to revisit scheduling a Night Out at the ballpark.  Those in attendance concurred for some time in 2021.


Landscaping Decorating Committee

Polled those in attendance if the idea of having a Landscape Decorating Committee would have any interest.  Asked if there were, any homeowners who would like to lead the committee, Patrick Browning stated he would sit on the committee but did not want to run it.  The BCRHOA Committee will propose the idea in the next News Letter.


Yard Sale

Proposed looking at a fall date to hold a neighborhood yard sale.  Because of the Pandemic, the yard sale that scheduled for April 4, 2020, between 6 – 12 am had to be canceled.  Look for new dates and times via the News Letter, BCRHOA Web Page, and on the FaceBook page.


Declaration of Protective Covenants for Bridge Creek Reserve

2020 Complaints


Vehicle Parking (4-I-1)

In accordance with the bylaws (4-I-1), parking on the street shall be limited to temporary parking (48 hours) when all parking spaces (garage/driveway) have been utilized. 


Homeowners in attendance had questions concerning the temporary period of 48 hours.  Does it mean you can park in the street at night, move the vehicle in the morning, and park in the street again that night? 


The BCRHOA Board identified that the verbiage for Vehicle Parking can be changed to had clarity on temporary versus concurrent or reoccurring parking.  Per the bylaws (7C) a vote will be required with 75% homeowner approval for any changes made.  


Signs (2-E-7)


In accordance with bi-laws (2-E-7) No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any parcel except four (4) professional signs of not more than four square feet to advertise the property for sale or rent, or a service rendered, or a builder to advertise the property during construction or sales period. 


The major complaint with regard to signs is for Political Endorsements, i.e. Congressional, Senate, Sherriff, Presidential, etc… bylaws do not specifically identify Political signs however they are not one of the four identified within 2-E-7.  Homeowners had concerns about garden flags being used as a loophole for political endorsement.


Homeowners requested a verbiage change to the rules to remove any perceived loopholes and add clarity for all signs and all flags allowed. 


Garbage Bins (4-C)


Reminded homeowners that no trash or refuse shall be dumped, stored, or accumulated on any lot.  Garbage bins may be put out the evening before trash pickup and “will” be removed from the curbside the day of pickup.  Trashcans must be kept inside the garage or at the rear side of dwellings when possible IAW 4-c of the bylaws.


Weeds / Landscape Trimming / Landscape Clippings


Briefly reminded homeowners of the importance of following sections 4.B.2 (Weeds), 4.B.3 (Landscape Trimming), and 4.B.4 (Landscape Clipping/Waste). 


  • Lawn area or flower beds be no more than 20% weeds
  • Landscape Shrubbery and trees will be neatly trimmed such that it covers no more than 50% of windows or its equivalent height at any given time
  • Clippings & waste will be placed in bags where appropriate, at the curbside no earlier than the evening before scheduled pickup day (Friday).
  • Dumping of clippings, leaves and other debris in any drainage ditch, sewer, or elsewhere is prohibited (see bi-laws for list of other debris)





BCRHOA Secretary

The position of Secretary is open effective December 31, 2020.  Requested volunteers from members in attendance and will advertise for the vacant position.  No volunteers from members in attendance.

Bridge Creek HOA Annual Meeting


This year’s Annual HOA Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 7, 2020, at 6:00 pm. Due to the pandemic and for your safety, the HOA Board members have decided to offer this year’s meeting both in-person and virtually. If you would like to attend virtually, please access our google meet link using Google Chrome or the Google Meet App on your mobile device.

In-Person Location1322 Carson Drive (Backyard)6:00 pm

Virtual (Google Meet)meet.google.com/rdq-zyyv-nck

Spring 2020 Beautification Award

The Bridge Creek Reserve Homeowner’s Association Board would like to say congratulations to the Tengman’s for being our 2020 Spring Beautification Award Winners. Their yard is always manicured so nice and neat, and we’ve noticed. As year Spring’s winners, they have received a gift card worth $50 and bragging rights. Please help us in congratulations the Tengman’s.

2nd Qtr Newsletter in route

newsletter header

The Bridge Creek Reserve Homeowners Association Board has released the 2nd Quarter Newsletter of the year. Please make sure that you check your email accounts that we have on file for your copy. This newsletter mentions the Covid-19 pandemic (how to create positivity during this time), political signage, HOA dues, and yard beautification. If you have renters in your home, please share the newsletter with them. In your email is a link to the actual pdf of the newsletter for you to share.

Continue reading

Yard Sale Postponed

Due to the recent recommendations for social distancing during this COVID-19 pandemic, the Bridge Creek Reserve Homeowners Association Board has decided to postpone our annual neighborhood yard sale until further notice. We will continue to assess the situation and send out additional information once we have picked a new date for this event.

We hope that everyone is continuing to stay safe while we all are coping with this worldwide issue. If you have any questions regarding the yard sale, please feel free to email the board at bcrhoap@gmail.com

Attention Bridge Creek Reserve!

It has come to the attention of the Board that children in the neighborhood are playing “Ding Dong Ditch”, which is very annoying to the victim of their game. If you’re not familiar with this game, basically a child rings the doorbell of their victim and runs away before the homeowner makes it to the door. While the child may think that this is fun, this is a very dangerous game to play in today’s climate. We would not want to hear of anyone’s child being harmed nor do we want anyone to be subjected to dealing with Prattville Police. We are also all dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, so we all just need to be mindful of trespassing on other people’s property for fear of exposure. 

With Spring in the air and spring break quickly approaching, We are requesting that parents/guardians speak with your children and discuss the seriousness and potential repercussions behind playing any games that involve making any of our neighbors their victims. We must all respect our neighbor’s property and privacy. This also means ensuring that your children are not riding their bikes, skateboard, and/or motorized vehicles on anyone’s property as well. We have a harmonious subdivision and we want to ensure that it stays that way.

Thank you for your consideration.

2019 Annual HOA Meeting

Bridge Creek Reserve Homeowner's Association Meeting

Date: October 2, 2019

Time: 6:00pm

Location: 1322 Carson Drive

Meeting was called to order by Leslie Vaughn at 

6:09pm.The President introduced the board members to the attendees that were new. Attendees were then asked to introduce themselves to the everyone.  Leslie then introduced our speaker and sponsor for this meeting’s snacks, Ryan Greer with ServePro. Mr. Greer proceeded to speak to the group about ServePro’s services and reasons why we would need to call on them.

The budget report was read by Tonya Smith.
– Beginning of the year balance: $2,060.58
– Balance of as Oct 2, 2019: $1,286.07

The question was asked if we had received dues from all homeowners. We have received 100% participation in dues this year.  Leslie reminded the meeting attendees that the board members are exempt from paying dues.

The question was asked if the dues would ever go down.  Leslie explained that our neighborhood dues was the lowest dues in the city within comparable subdivisions. She went on to list a few neighborhoods and what they pay.  Leslie also mentioned that we like to keep money in surplus for situations that could occur. This year, the irritation system was struck by lightning, causing us to have to get that repaired.


Improvements to Neighborhood

It was requested that we have a pedestrian walkway installed by the city to connect Bridge Creek Reserve to Prairieview between lots 1301 and 1303 on Carson Drive. This will provide a shorter distance for individuals on that side of the neighborhood to walk to the park or high school.  The request has been approved by the city with no projected date for installation.

Street Signs

Two street signs that have been weather damaged are being replaced within the next week.

Front Entrance Sign

The front entrance sign has been repainted and reinstalled.  One neighbor mentioned that she was happy that the street lines were repainted at the entry way of the neighborhood.


Suggestions of Improvement Projects


The question was asked about individuals driving through stop signs and wondered what we could do about it. It was suggested that we look at speed bumps. Leslie suggested that individuals who are interested in the city installing speed bumps should put in a request through the city’s website. This is also the same link used to report sidewalk, streetlight, and curb issues.


It was mentioned that the bushes installed at the Bridge Creek entrance creates a blind spot, making it difficult to see vehicles coming up Carson drive from the cul-de-sac. It was suggested that we install dwarf bushes instead.  (PROJECT)


The question was asked concerning the difference in cost between installing pine straw and rocks at the entryway of the neighborhood. It was suggested that installing rocks would be a one-time installation, reducing the cost and need to annually install pine straw. Most attendees agreed. Leslie mentioned the cost of synthetic pine straw, which is priced at $1000. It was asked that a cost analysis be conducted.

River Rocks was suggested. Two suppliers were mentioned, Froggy Bottom and Bubba’s. It was also suggested that the rocks, if it’s decided that we install them, match the bricks on the bridge creek sign. The quote should also include installing a brick border to keep the rocks from moving. We will look at pricing at the next board meeting.

It was suggested that we raise the dues for one year to accommodate the installation of River Rocks at the entrances. There was resistance to the idea with a neighbor stating that every year there would be something else to do and the dues would never go down. It was suggested by the Secretary that we allow neighbors to donate to the project if they want it. It was also suggested that we wait until we get the quote before discussing raising the annual dues.  Leslie stated that we would need to get every neighbors vote to raise the dues if that was something we wanted to do.


Leslie would like to pull up the holly’s at the back entrance.


Leslie alerted the meeting attendees that there will be no more additions to Bridge Creek Reserve. The property at the end of Coleman Way will be sold in 5 acre increments by the owner. These properties will not be connected nor have access through Bridge Creek. The property that lies behind the neighbors on Carson Drive and Bridge Creek Road is included in that parcel.   There is no timeline in when this will occur.


A neighbor asked when all of our street lights will be changed from incandescent to LED lighting. Leslie stated that each bulb will be changed when its necessary for a new bulb.


The office of President and Vice-President are up for nomination as the individuals in these positions are relinquishing their duties. It was nominated by Patrick Browning that Sonya Telfair be President of the Homeowner’s Association. Corey Telfair second the motion. Majority vote ruled in favor of the nomination.

Shawn Jenkins nominated himself to serve as Vice-President.  The vote was second by Leslie Vaughn and approved by majority vote.

Brian Molloy nominated himself as Secretary. The vote was second by Young Molloy and approved by majority vote.


Votes for the Fall Beautification award were taken at the beginning of the meeting and tabulated by the treasurer, Tonya Smith. Votes were verified by the Secretary Sonya Telfair, and the winner of the 2019 Fall Beautification Award was award to lot 1321, Patrick and Stephanie Browning. They received the Fall Beautification Sign for bragging rights and a gift certificate to Lowe’s.  Congratulations!

Meeting Adjourned at 7:00pm

After the meeting, a comment was made by Linda Woods concerning Off-road/4-wheeler vehicles being against the law to ride on public roads. Linda received confirmation from the local authorities that our roads are considered public roads and this law applies. She stated that she just wanted to make everyone aware of it.

Financial Report

2019 HOA Dues
2018 Carry Over Amount
P.O. Box Rental
Webpage Maintenance
Paypal Fees
Decor at Front Entrance
Landscape Maintenance
Weed Control & Fertilization
Irrigation System Repair
2 Street Signs (Replace) & Entry Sign (Painting)

2019 Annual HOA Meeting

Our Annual Meeting is fast approaching. It will be held on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, at 6:00 pm and located at 1322 Carson Drive. We’d love full participation from ALL our homeowners. We will be nominating and voting on a new President and Vice President this year, so please consider volunteering to serve on our Board.

Also, we will vote on and announce the winner of our BEST FALL YARD and present the prize! Everyone will receive an invitation via email as well as 3 ballots to make our nomination for the best yard, so if you haven’t provided us with your correct email address, please do so ASAP. Our email address is bcrhoap@gmail.com. Bring your completed ballots to the meeting.


privacy fence

Our neighborhood is now over a decade old and some of the original privacy fences that were installed 10 plus years ago have exceeded their lifespan unfortunately and need replacement. Please consider making this improvement to your property.


a mailbox

You may get new mailbox numbers at Imperial Mailbox in Millbrook. They are $15 plus tax for the set and should last approximately 7 years. If you rent, please notify your property manager and relay this information. Also, if your post or mailbox needs a fresh coat of paint, you can purchase a quart of Rustoleum gloss black from Lowes for about $10.00. It looks great and makes them look brand new.