Bridge Creek HOA Annual Meeting


This year’s Annual HOA Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 7, 2020, at 6:00 pm. Due to the pandemic and for your safety, the HOA Board members have decided to offer this year’s meeting both in-person and virtually. If you would like to attend virtually, please access our google meet link using Google Chrome or the Google Meet App on your mobile device.
In-Person Location1322 Carson Drive (Backyard)6:00 pm

Virtual (Google Meet)

Spring 2020 Beautification Award

The Bridge Creek Reserve Homeowner’s Association Board would like to say congratulations to the Tengman’s for being our 2020 Spring Beautification Award Winners. Their yard is always manicured so nice and neat, and we’ve noticed. As year Spring’s winners, they have received a gift card worth $50 and bragging rights. Please help us in congratulations the Tengman’s.

2nd Qtr Newsletter in route

newsletter header

The Bridge Creek Reserve Homeowners Association Board has released the 2nd Quarter Newsletter of the year. Please make sure that you check your email accounts that we have on file for your copy. This newsletter mentions the Covid-19 pandemic (how to create positivity during this time), political signage, HOA dues, and yard beautification. If you have renters in your home, please share the newsletter with them. In your email is a link to the actual pdf of the newsletter for you to share.

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Yard Sale Postponed

Due to the recent recommendations for social distancing during this COVID-19 pandemic, the Bridge Creek Reserve Homeowners Association Board has decided to postpone our annual neighborhood yard sale until further notice. We will continue to assess the situation and send out additional information once we have picked a new date for this event.

We hope that everyone is continuing to stay safe while we all are coping with this worldwide issue. If you have any questions regarding the yard sale, please feel free to email the board at

Attention Bridge Creek Reserve!

It has come to the attention of the Board that children in the neighborhood are playing “Ding Dong Ditch”, which is very annoying to the victim of their game. If you’re not familiar with this game, basically a child rings the doorbell of their victim and runs away before the homeowner makes it to the door. While the child may think that this is fun, this is a very dangerous game to play in today’s climate. We would not want to hear of anyone’s child being harmed nor do we want anyone to be subjected to dealing with Prattville Police. We are also all dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, so we all just need to be mindful of trespassing on other people’s property for fear of exposure. 

With Spring in the air and spring break quickly approaching, We are requesting that parents/guardians speak with your children and discuss the seriousness and potential repercussions behind playing any games that involve making any of our neighbors their victims. We must all respect our neighbor’s property and privacy. This also means ensuring that your children are not riding their bikes, skateboard, and/or motorized vehicles on anyone’s property as well. We have a harmonious subdivision and we want to ensure that it stays that way.

Thank you for your consideration.

2019 Annual HOA Meeting

Our Annual Meeting is fast approaching. It will be held on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, at 6:00 pm and located at 1322 Carson Drive. We’d love full participation from ALL our homeowners. We will be nominating and voting on a new President and Vice President this year, so please consider volunteering to serve on our Board.

Also, we will vote on and announce the winner of our BEST FALL YARD and present the prize! Everyone will receive an invitation via email as well as 3 ballots to make our nomination for the best yard, so if you haven’t provided us with your correct email address, please do so ASAP. Our email address is Bring your completed ballots to the meeting.


privacy fence

Our neighborhood is now over a decade old and some of the original privacy fences that were installed 10 plus years ago have exceeded their lifespan unfortunately and need replacement. Please consider making this improvement to your property.


a mailbox

You may get new mailbox numbers at Imperial Mailbox in Millbrook. They are $15 plus tax for the set and should last approximately 7 years. If you rent, please notify your property manager and relay this information. Also, if your post or mailbox needs a fresh coat of paint, you can purchase a quart of Rustoleum gloss black from Lowes for about $10.00. It looks great and makes them look brand new.

Lawn Maintenance

Poorly maintained yards have the potential to significantly detract from our neighborhood’s value. Please cut your grass regularly, trim bushes, edge curbs, fertilize and lay weed control. Per our covenants, Weeds must NOT exceed 20% of your lawn.